Thursday, April 28, 2011

Odell, IL along Route 66

I used one of the boards I prepped in this post to try out the packing tape transfers using my drawing of the filling station in Odell, IL on Route 66. I like how it turned out a crisp, crisp image, but I'm going to have to get used to the idea that the edges of the tape do show when the light hits it just right. Right now I'm trying out a different transfer method that would not have the tape layer. I am very pleased with the background's several layers of acrylic paint and spray ink.

I stamped and collaged a bit around the edges using vintage items from the nearby area, and also dictionary pages with travel themed words.

 Kind of fun to work on something that can hang on the wall instead of live inside a book!


Peggy said...

Another winner! :)

Jane said...

Beautifully well done! You're an inspiration.

Kimberly Gruber said...

Your work is just amazing. I commented on your May calendar and wandered over to your blog. I'm so inspired by your drawings. I finally started sketching again, but very rough.(it's been 15+years!) Anyhow, I appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...

Amazing and very creative!! :)