Monday, February 08, 2010

Drawing on the Big Island

Somehow, I haven't managed all the blogging I intended to do, but I have been doing a little drawing. This little drawing is from the north end of the Big Island. We stopped for treats in Hawi and discovered the Kava Kafe run by some free spirited folks. I had a great time making this sketch. There are also lots of galleries and neat little places to shop and eat there. Plus, on the way home we parked by the ocean and watched the whales playing. There were so many of them!

And this one is of the lush vegetation, which is one if the things I love about the Hilo side of the island.
One day, my sister, Jennifer and I hiked down to this little waterfall and pool (just outside Hilo) and spent the afternoon trying to capture it on paper. I guess I just didn't have the knack that day, because as hard as I tried I just couldn't capture I pitched the drawing and ....
swam in the little pool instead. Nice deep clear water...and cold!
Jennifer decided she had to have a swim in that pool too. Who can blame us? It's a daydream come true...swimming in a pool at the base of a waterfall in the rain-forest! So I not only ended up with a bad drawing (at least I can count it as practice!), I also ended up with a wonderful memory.

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