Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drawing at the Lake

I didn't get much drawing done for some reason. Too much serious lounging on the porch I guess. But here's one on a toy from the toybox.
Then I tried to do a watercolor of a nearby island. I usually just color in my line drawings, so it's definitely trial and error trying to watercolor. I worked on parts of this too long and muddied it up...and then stopped before I probably should have on other parts. It could have used some darker darks.
Used my artistic license and got rid of all the houses and the choppy water. Pretty breezy that day.


Lin said...


radiogirl said...

I think it is a beautiful watercolor. And the toy drawing? Fantastic.

silvia said...

My name is Silvia, compliments its designs i kike a lot! I work with the paper but he appeals to to me to paint with watercolor and tempere. Yours blog it makes to come wants to design me. I will return!